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Our group is interested in genes and regulatory pathways that control pluripotent stem cells (ESC - Embryonic Stem Cells/iPSC - induced pluripotent Stem cells) self-renewal and differentiation. The long-term aim of our work is to understand the molecular mechanisms involved in pluripotency and differentiation processes occurring in mouse and human cells in order to achieve cell-types specification in vitro for therapeutic purposes, and understand mechanisms of diseases.


Filipa Esteves (PhD in Mechanisms of Disease and Regenerative Medicine) and Helena Santos Leitão (MD, PhD), trained radiologist expert in thoracic and abdominopelvic imaging, have joined our group at the Algarve  Biomedical Centre Research Institute (ABC-RI)..

Mónica Fernandes has been granted funds by the FCT to study the biology of glioblastoma stem cells – an extremely lethal brain tumor, for which the therapeutic options are very limited. 

Bárbara Silva will join our group in September to start her PhD research project on mesenchymal stem cells and their application in medular lesions.




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